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Never Let People Kill Your Dreams But Let Them Dream Of You. - Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova was born on July 1, 1992, Mia was known to be a shy girl, at the age of 16 she began working at McDonald's and Sizzler restaurant. She started to be a model at the age of 19 and has been awarded as an American top model in 2012.

At the age of 21, she started her career as a PORNOGRAPHIC or ADULT actress and received AVN Award for a title in 2014.


 She got married to Danny Mountain in 2014. And today she was the chosen one to inspire us to acquire the aspiration we desire. To live life with style and a smile, you must realize.
I tell you something,
never let your dreams kill you but kill what people dream over you, if they try to stop you from killing their dream, kill them too.-Unknown-

Effective action converts what's promised into actuality. Bear in mind that every attainment isn't always at its conclusion, and failures aren't what's missing, it was your vigorous effort persistently that is valuable.

Be hungry over what is fancy, then suit your actions to monopolize it. As Mia said
I’m in complete control of everything, I do it from home, I do what I like, how I like. It’s just a better quality of living.-Mia Malkova

Your desire and eagerness are the keys, synchronize them to reach what you've scheduled.

You’ve possibly heeded the words saying

To achieve greatness one should live as if one will never die. – Francois de La Rochefoucauld
that is true, maybe it's not always true but we have the power and the influence to take action on what we pointed out.

When you find yourself falling or losing direction in your life path, just keep on doing the best you can, in the end, the right direction will come along. And then you will find yourself back to a clearer standpoint. 

  • First is your intention, second is your decision, third is your determination, fourth is focus on what you fought for, fifth is on your feet, and the sixth is you at the goal that you seek.

The appearance of obstacles will provide life's most important skills. Remember,
don't ever retreat but keep on striving, never questioning but keep learning, asking if you doubting, say nothing but do something.-Keithjallong-
Be Intent to realize with the intent to reply not with the intent relies on. Word says
Don't stay in sorrow because life can't be borrowed, live to tomorrow and grow then glow.-Unknown-
Stay away from those who attempt to put down your dreams. Narrow minds will usually do that, but a complete mind will let you believe that you can archive greatness.


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