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We Make Others Build Theirs

 Mechanical and engineering jobs are one of the most venture contributors in the construction industry, which is leading to an impressive economic elevation in every region.

In the construction site, we have a lot of different types of jobs where one can continue their job journey. 

There is never too late to start or to have a different direction in your career life, as says, to move fast have your knowledge vast. 

Construction is where a lot of people succeed after they left school. The construction site has a lot of ways to go on, such as Painter, Carpenter, Rigging, and scaffolding, those sort of job has their levels of education, where one can upgrade to an advanced level. 

All of these careers will end up in the engineering qualification, which means we have another way to becoming an engineer even though are not educated in engineering site during our school education life.

One of them is the Scaffolding job, why I choose the scaffolding job because it is the major support or backbone of every construction project.

 Scaffolding was found in the 5th century or 20,000 years ago by the Greeks and was also used by the Egyptians in building their pyramid.

Since then, scaffolding being used constantly in our modern construction projects.

To build a scaffolding one must be competent and fit to carry out the task because most of the jobs are going to be executed at height, that is why we have to be completely healthy and competent.

 A scaffolder must be fully equipped with the Working At Height (WAH) knowledge and it requires a certificate before proceeding to do the scaffolding job.

Here are the types of competency a scaffolder should have before they can proceed to work.

  • Rigging and Slinging certificate.
  • Working At Height certificate. (WAH)
  • Scaffolding Levels 1,2,3 certificates.

To have all these certificates, one shall attend a course in any certified construction academy or scaffolding academy and it will make you spend some time and money.

In the modules guide subject matter, an expert or competent person will teach you all of what is needed, with some tips that suit the career journey.

As a scaffolder, you have lots of responsibilities in the way to complete a scaffolding task at different experience levels.

 In that case, one must obey the protocol that is being enforced in the Factories and Machinery (BOWEC) 1986, for more details go to this link.

 Scaffolding structure has varied shapes or types with specific names. The majors that are often used are like below:

  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Tower Scaffolding
  • Hung Scaffolding

These 3 types of scaffolds are erected for the installation, repair, or removal activities in the construction industry and are also suitable for some outdoor activities. 

Bare in mind that this scaffolding is only a temporary structure for temporary activities.

There are some other types of scaffolding but they are rarely used.

  • Barrows Ramp
  • Ladder Jack
  • Pump Jack
  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Mast Climber Scaffolding
  • Boatswain's Chair

Within the process of erecting a scaffolding structure. A complete set of the scaffolding material is required, the description is below.

1. Scaffolding Board
  • Metal Deck
  • Wooden Plank

2. Scaffolding Tube
  • Frame
  • Modular
  • Tubular 

3. Scaffolding Coupler
  • Single coupler
  • Double coupler
  • Swivel coupler
  • Sleeve coupler
  • Beam clamp
  • Base plate

4. Additional Scaffolding Materials
  • Full Body Harness
  • Ratchet Spanner
  • Water leveler
  • Wire Cutter
  • Lashing wire
  • Ladder

All these types of material also must be certified under British Standard (BS 1139)

Once a scaffolding structure in it accomplishes erection, it should be inspected by the Scaffolding Inspector (S.I). 

 Scaffolding Inspector(S.I) is the only person who has the right to drop their signature on the scaffold tag, to verify the integrity and validity of a scaffolding structure.

Nobody is allowed to override any scaffold tag that has been verified by the Scaffolding Inspector(S.I)

If you work in construction and want to improve your skill and competency, you are obliged to add an advantage to your career life and bring out your next career goals to a strong position. 

Scaffolding careers have assisted a lot in construction activities in the manners to guarantee that construction projects get done and well succeed. 

The objective without exploring is nothing, but discovering within examining has the best finding

 You may be possibly selected your career because you were excited by the revenue, holiday allowance, prestige, or insurance but at last, you found that this additional contentment doesn’t repay for actually adoring income.

Or you chose a job you thought you’d get a kick out of but instead, its reality hasn’t lived up to the objective goals, or maybe because you didn’t know which job you needed anyway.

 The dilemma is, however you came to this level, you may be feeling demotivated, and uninspired.

If you don’t happy with your job or feel any good sense of reason for doing it, you’ll find it impossible to put it into progress.

 Hence, it’s probably your time to explore or create an affordable purpose in another job, you need to alter your job as soon as possible.

Hopefully, this article can help you guys a bit. If you do have anything of discussing what a construction worker does, let us know in the comments section.


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