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I Hope My Success Can Inspire Others. - Angela White

Those who are fans of adult films are familiar with the performance of Angela White. There may be many famous adult actresses in the world but Angie's appearance has the best influence that has revealed on an Adult's career.

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Angela Gabrielle White was born on March 4, 1985, in Sydney, Australia. and graduated from the University of Melbourne with a first-class honor degree in gender studies, she is an Australian adult film actress and director.

 Talked about how her career, it gives a larger impact on her personal life.
Since she became famous, she has acquired a fortune and now has huge attainment.

On September 2016, in a meeting with XBIZ, Angela told she had moved to the US to sign a contract with Spiegler Girls to present in companies such as Brazzers, and Naughty America. There she is known for her talent in her adult performance in the porn industry.

 Since then she has been introduced into the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO Hall of Fame, and has won AVN Awards including Female performance of the year, in 2020 she was a Three-Time First Time AVN Woman of the Year winner.

  • Angie is one of the highest-paid adult film stars. Her success in the industry has made her income grow impressively.
According to articles from THE SUN, she has a net worth of around USD 10M.
Angie also made a significant amount of cash from her website and forum work.

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She also has 8.9 million followers on Instagram (as of August 2022), which will earn her a lot of currency. You can follow her on her Instagram or subscribe to her Onlyfans. Angela is very concerned about her adult performance in the industry.

When asked her, do adult entertainers need to perform more extreme stunts to find longevity in the industry, she said to the Daily Beast
My experience in my career, it's not that consumers want novelty, but they want genuine passion.
They want performers who are truly doing what they love.
says Angie.

She continued: "I hope my success can inspire others. This year I did different scenes but not more extreme or more aggressive. The big film I shot this year was a feature film." said Angie.

 In some of the articles she is also being asked about, does her job as pornography give a greater platform to any social and political issues.

She said "I'll be completely honest here and say the only reason I'm given this platform to speak to your readers is that I'm not scared to share my gaping arsehole with the world.

Pornography has given me more, not less, opportunities to lead a life that is meaningful to me. 

Pornography has allowed me to travel the world, challenge myself, and live my art. The platform has also allowed me to share my message that sex and sexuality should be embraced and celebrated.

There's a lot of synergy in my life; my work in pornography informs my feminist politics which informs my research which informs my work in pornography."

 Again she said, "I'm the only person who actually knows where my next movie will be shot so I'm surprised I haven't had any offers to fix bets."

In some accounts, she also once said
My goals remain the same. It’s always to grow every day, to challenge myself, to do different things, and to remain true to myself.-Angela White
The latest about Angie is, that these beautiful 37-year-old porn stars went on a trip to Portugal to feel the advantage of Portugal's good summer weather. 

There she posted pictures on her Instagram about her activity and the image reached 20k likes and comments in less than 1 minute.

 For info, her post on any social media seldomly gets less than 200k reactions. She is extremely amazing.

Being in her excellent class of profession, she is now one of the most sought-after stars in the adult film industry.

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