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No Things Remains Nothing Even Nothing Is A Sum Thing. - Siri Dahl

 Siri Dahl was born on June 22, 1988, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Standing at the height of 5,9 , 70kg with a body measurement of 33,30,38. She became a model at a young age while she was still studying. 

And now she is a PORNOGRAPHIC or Adult actress and she has a cute smile, she earns USD2.4 million per week income on her job and with some paid website. The thing is like this, It doesn't mean things can happen without making up any intention because things can exist only with an idea. But to make that one idea you must think to make it becomes something, as Siri says,

No thing remain nothing even nothing is a sum thing. - Siri Dahl

So think of it, understand it, dream of it, and built it to live with it. That is the way how success will happen with it.

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If everyone looks smart in the room the foolish are the examiner because to understand the ordinary you must become abnormal, to be unique is the answer.

But remember, in everything you do, do it with all of your heart, just never donate all of your blood, because your heart needs those blood.

To have a greater position seek those who have the best situation but never wait for a suitable condition. - Keithjallong

Don't be afraid to ask if you doubted it because it is not your raid, being dear in approaching it won't create any fear if you talk to them near, they will tell everything from what's earlier.

To grow to be better is not a mistake, as long you are willing for what it will take. I tell you something

if nothing is possible to be a sum thing, means no things are impossible to be something.-Keithjallong

 What do you think has already become something and it's happening in your mind thinking.

 But, even though you want to shine like the sun doesn't mean you have to stand under the direct sunlight, you won't get to shine that way, you are not the moon that needs the sun to glow.

Be independent if you want to be competent, expect there are no challenges permanent then give no tolerance if you want to be intelligent. 

I am scared of no dick, they only come to cum, as I already predict.-Unknown-

Sometimes you must think that you are capable, but with that ability, you have to be ready to face what it is to be it.

 Word says

To shine like a diamond, be ready to get cut then be willing to cut before you shine. - Keithjallong

Always remember, we are living in a world where distractions exist all around us in which we have to face them all the time but that makes us fully present in all moments of our life.

 Take every opportunity then explore how it shall be and be courageous to change things because what turns things are coming from what you think.

Define your own life and never let others drive the ride because what is going to be right is yours to be in your insight, realize but don't maximize just keep rising until you feel your prize.

If you live and breathe in the same world I live in, you’ve definitely thought it. I know you have, because I have. - Siri Dahl

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