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To End Is The Game But It Never Ends The Same.

Gal Gadot-Varsano is Israel's best actress, model, and movie star for winning the Queen of Israel 2004. She is also known as Gisele Yashar in "Fast & Furious", and as Wonder Woman in "Batman vs Superman (Dawn of Justice).
Forbes classifies Gadot as the third highest-paid actress in the world, with annual earnings of $31.5 million.

 Gal Gadot graduated from Begin High School in Rosh Haayin, where she majored in biology. Gadot studied law at the Reichman School of Law and the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.

 While Gadot is best known for her beauty, she's also a kickass Queen superhero. To know how she became a kickass queen.

I don't think there is any difference, to be honest, you don't need to be different there because when it comes to achievements.

 It was our duty to add efforts towards great alterations. Indeed, being a model to an actress maybe has a pretty similar role but it is more challenging.

 Gadot says
I just keep active, everything that's challenging me, everything that I feel like doing.
that is the only key.
 Our goal is to bring our ambition to reality, not to be what the world wanted to be but to be who we want to be.

We are the production of our progress which we think we love and do it as much as we do.
I never planned on being an actress or Wonder Woman, but everything just happened, and I am grateful and happy and in love with what I do.-Gal Gadot-
Be sure that everything that you do is a lesson, it might be another action for another reason,
I'm a genuine person, I will never promote something I don't believe in."-Gal Gadot-
 It does not measure by how you do it but as long you never quit. The challenge is among the powerful factors of success.

Without it, you’ll lack the direction to move or proceed toward your aim. In the game, good things emerged in several trouble which became the references for the courage to keep on going with your aim. 

 Word says
To end is the game but it never ends the same, every game will reach its aim.

It is nonsense to live the life you have gone through yesterday because today you are another person, only the experience of yesterday is valuable because either you feel the pain or you'll regret it.

 If some people dream about it would happen, you think about how to make it happen. If some people "talk shit" before the thing happens, you don't sit to make it happen.

Great things only can be done by the serious ones, also by those who do it in series but none can be done by those who let things be, because things will remain as it be.


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