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Never Only Understand It, Explore It.

 T he best appearance of a warrior is yourself, every challenge exists as a war in your life battlefield, and the appearance of yourself is the greatest choice, more appropriate to be called "ME." People around you may have always used you. But the angel inside you descended from demons which they never realize or understand how you can be one equal at one. Hence, you must evolve and follows the flow of your countervailing force to the upper class of your contemporaries to be a legendary undefeated warrior.

 Most basis reveals the ability to become yourself, is the inspiration that motivates you is coming from those who are already at their comfy of success, and those who never stop thinking of their future but never forget from or how they became one. 

As their direction came from the past to the present, from their worse until they rose, they also experienced their narrow perspective as well. But they believe that success is to be achieved individually, to be felt individually, then celebrated individually secretly. Because whoever wants to have excellence must first recognize that adversity is the integrity to be a potion in any combat.

 The value of adversity is what creates your goal to become gold. Because the mission state a forecast of what shall transpire, then your desire to push your dream to be attainable goals. Never look down on people because they are the inspiration and the ideas that will make you excellent. Recognizing what bring you unique is the significant thing.

 Understand every opportunity that reflects,  take it, do it, do more, and never regret it because it is part of your ability to reclaim your greatness.

To comprehend yourself, expect that your potency is being examined, stay calm, and take your time because a better understanding usually happens within time. Always recognize that your talent is being tested, not your power. The objective is to focus on establishing the potential to reach the goal. Remember, every testimony will come to it rectify; then it will be specified; after identifying it, then apply it until you satisfy, so that you can fly. 

 Every mission has its insight; all knights should face their fight. Remember, it is not light if it is not bright, but no light without the night. Those who never try will cry, but once you try, please don't lie; what's come by offers you a try, then never stop to try so you ain't die with your lie, give it a bite, then you will succeed by right.

You have to expand your improvement as an impact of influence, be productive, grow more, or develop again and love those with their well-being. People usually come to you as advisors or guidance to bring out the best in you. Suggesting influential explanations to people is always essential because we dwell on a planet where people concern about themselves.

Try to build trust, then give an open discussion, make a decision then take action. Nothing is more profitable than performing hard with others or your friend to attain something extraordinary.

 The objective in life is to live as a better person or be somebody someone never found because the struggle that comes from learning how to grow is the greatest one. After all, the value of responsibility that gets your honesty becomes loyalty. Believe that the world will be a better place if you have integrity in dealing with your worth.

Every solution has an explanation; every direction has its inconvenience because no challenge gives no achievement. What is applicable typically brings trouble; just face what is reasonable to accomplish it double.

Consistency is what makes it trustworthy and eligible. Everyone is born with their unique ability and special capabilities. All roles have their playtime in particular situations, in which we face it on its time also every time.

 One thing that you should comprehend is how to go through life attempting to be useful in anything rather than attempting to concentrate on one situation. It is better to try to do different things. For sure we will have time to win it. Because time already said, 

Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and is forgotten through the lapse of Time.  - Aristotle

 Excellence can only be attained through priority, but without obligation, you will begin never, and without focus, you will end never. Whatever puts you extraordinary will be tricky. It is similar to you answering a debate question, where it makes you face no rights answer. 

But even if it is a difficult question, you can still prove that you understand what it truly wants, and you are still explicitly qualified. Greatness never comes as an accident. It is required consistent intention, pluses with sincere execution, then it will end excellent.

  • Never only understand, explore.
  • Never only see, seek.
  • Never only change, be it.
  • Never only associate, support.
  • Never only stay, be safe.
  • Never only talk, do it?
  • Never only dream; work it.
  • Never only create, accomplish it.
  • Never only notice, sense.
  • Never only listen; apply it.
  • Never only exist, live.
  • Never only be intelligent, be excellent.


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