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You See Less, You Know Less In The Grades To Obligate.

Your courage against the odds changes the path to a possible positive comfort zone, every conceivable action shape the hell into classy innovation with the will comes first then an action taken come by it.

Practice your mind thinking otherwise. Reshape the target to what is targeted. Please never those who weakened the heart into sorrow.

For our life to not live arrived soon, where to aim to achieve a specific time point is tentative.

 See less is to know less in grades to obligate, it instead inwards action, a means of developing a path to reach a determined better self. 

People are commonly imperfect by nature, it depends on how you decide to accept your flaws, but people around your will never forget to keep on reminding you of your disadvantages to let you determine your peace.

The journey doesn’t end. Spread love everywhere you go because death is close and living is far tougher.

Today will go, tomorrow never.
Realizing how much you’ve diminished, you own the stand to understand.
Why does the future die, where say no lie, why should you cry before you try, I say come on then, before I run again.
 Usually, at some point in our peace, we all get hurt. But the key is to apologize whenever you hurt someone and never expect someone to be flawlessly perfect. What you and they build up together is required an open heart or honesty from the beginning, so be honest.

Stay with you once I want, being with you twice I entice, if you're crazy it will easy, but if being busy keeps you steady, let make both are ready. Never accuse what has been done, just focus on what's going to be mistakenly undone, even though it will be going to be done.

 Because we can not prove that we are right if we are a mistake, but the right is often blamed over the wrong. Now, what is wrong? then why do they get angry if they are good people? The guilty is the revelation of what is right.

The mistake we usually done is walking away from someone who completely stood there just waiting for us. But that was natural because everyone made mistakes, normally, good people will yield to your mistakes if they realize your course is false.

 None of us ever plan to make a wrong move, even robbers also don't want any mistake to incur in their execution. Those things happen when you didn’t have a plan for it, then by mistake, they occur.

The influence of mistakes is the best because mistakes are the teacher of all wisdom, and the formula: 
 Y U X - B 4 2 B = S 1
(Why You Act Negative Before To Be Equal As One)

The answer:
 S U X + I M D 1 = 8 1.
(As You Act Positive I Am The One Equal At One)

S 1 8 1 ( As One At One ) with - the + happened, that is why I need to act NEGATIVE to make your part happen. (- | = +)

 Word says
The heroes are zero without errors, with errors their wisdom never is narrow.
Before You Act, See The Act Before To Act
 "B 4 U X, C D X B 4 2 X".

Make glorious amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody has ever made before. Do not freeze, do not stop, do not worry. Whatever you are scared of doing, do it.-Neil Gaiman
A mistake can make you a failure but it never fails, and they are never mistaken to make it roles happen. If you never believe a mistake is a right you only see a right mistake. Nothing is an error, but nothing is also something that makes your intellectual narrow, it all occurs for a motive, and there is an objective behind everything.

 By forcing what is right, to prove the right is also wrong because the wrong already provided the right mistake. To prove is a mistake, to claim what is the real right is a mistake. But it does matter if you make a mistake, the progress will slow down or divert your life motive, but if you do a mistake and then learn from it you’re way ahead of everyone who isn’t made one.

Our experience provides us with a lot of opportunities to realize how or who can change things in our life,  if you know someone in your life who might change your life, stick with them, they only exist once in a lifetime. And for those who did not give a fucking change in your life, just let them be the way they are because they are good being them.

Settle amazing achievements. Maybe there will be a moment in your life that you can someday look back for.  

 The best vision for today is tomorrow because why successful today is what was planned yesterday, then today set another new plan.
Whether it is one day or day one is up to you, you experience it or it is an experience it all will become an example.-Keithjallong-

 Even those who believe in magic still plan to be more tricky, and to have that tricky situation, they plan to keep on practicing in the best way.

Plan your every day as the sun plan the day, which begins from the sun itself, to be Sunday, the mundane is on Monday, on Tuesday to use the whole day, on Wednesday went for two days more, just trust the day on Thursday, then Friday be free with the day before to shut the day on Saturday. If your plan has been interrupted, it opens a plan for another opportunity, which is already being planned for us.
The popcorn is popping in the same hot oil which is used to fry the eggs."-Keithjallong-
It is only a matter of chance that changes the plan, not the character. A different attitude doesn't mean you aren't going to have great finalization. The impossible is only a perspective not to pause us from proceeding to achieve the goal. To be excellent needs no talent, to be intelligent depends on how you make it happen.

A miracle won't come to your circle if you never do what is reasonable against what is impossible. Don't let people decide the "No" if you know there was a "Yes". Remember, if you can't make it once make it twice because being wise never happens at once. If people ask how far your plan is, tell them, I plan to go far to where I can't hear you anymore.


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