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I Will Be The Answer To All Questions

A logical objective can be possibly understood by someone who has a sentimental mindset, someone who has not fixed on a specific idea.
The simplest things also can be the most complex subject and cannot be solved easily, even if they are the most intelligent, they will kneel before it,because time already tells us,
I will be the answer to all questions that you doubt when it comes to me. But when the reality happens at an inaccurate line of time, it was rightly at the moment when it shall be that way.- Keithjallong-

As a human, we need time to understand, if our opinion is good enough, we will discover the logic of reality and also the meaning of false beliefs to open a new edition of our positive mind in our everyday lifeline. Whenever our reality occurs the accuracy of time never misses the mean of it because time also has the wisdom to own.

To recognize the fact of every moment of circumstance, the past is part of its subject because these two principles will happen continuously. They usually come with contradiction, where the future can be pictures in a wide manner and the past pictures a limited viewpoint.

If future circumstances bring criticism based on our understandings, so the past will function to hold to what shall be believed to make it more identical to be factual. We may not believe things because they are false but time makes us understand that it was accurate (right).

Time is also one of the most powerful instructors ever known so far, one of the best reminders of all, in every lack it was perfect, in every perfection it never is imperfect. For memorizing, the past time is the better phrase, we never miss it but it won't approach us anymore, the only way to change the past is to make clear the present to the very best part of moments.

The sight of next only explains why we should expect the experience to build and achieve what is the meaning of "NEW" can be.  The future doesn't alter our minds. History does. If time stops then everything will end.

In the competition between the creator and the creation, the creator knows to create but the knowledge comes from the creation.
Reflection, you invent the car but you didn't install the indicator inside the car, but the headlights were installed.

GOD, created us with the eyes and with the ability to spot what we're not or what was. 

Then, we still can't see GOD, why? because we are not designed or assigned to see him but the discretion of GOD came from us. We are the WISDOM.
All the extraordinary of a GOD is imitative from us, it was our prediction that makes him better than us

 The smartest person in the world is the one who said there is a GOD, then the rest of us acknowledged that there is GOD. Similar to GHOST, if you say there is a Langsuir perched on the tree and looks scary, of course, we are scared too, because she is a ghost. 

If you are being taught from a young that the bird only swims in the river like the fish, do you think that you will accept that bird is the only thing that moves with its wings flying high in the sky, from the beginning?  That is why.

We cannot see GOD because he is invisible and then always stand behind, in front, or beside us, as believed. If GOD is imperceptible, he too cannot see us thru invisibility, because his eyes cannot visualize what's imaged then his sights are vincible by the invisible itself.

 Let's say you stand behind a big tree, can your friends see thru the tree? surely no, that is how GOD too, the existence of invisibility has obstructive his visions and then made us unseen to him.
Do believe that GOD is lonely? THINK, as you thought he is the best of everything and also much better than yourself. Remember that!
The best thing about a GOD is he never can kill us, even though you shout out loud to call him for a fight, he won't answer and never be there for you. It was we as a human that became aggressive and be obsessed about GOD, that is why we get mad if someone talks nonsense over GOD.

Which means we are the GOD. We are intelligent and we are LORD, then with our discretion and creativity, we assign GOD as the undisputed or the undefeated ICONIC.


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