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Toyota Hilux 1968 - 2023.

While we are driving the 4x4 Hilux, thank Toyota for taking us to the end edge of the muddy off-road and rough timber road or coastal road with their diesel power engine.

Toyota Hilux's first generation was invented on 1968, the engine was a 1.5-liter 70 PS unit (2R) that was also used on the Toyoace. 

After years of managing to invent their products, Toyota finally became one of the world's most successful 4-Wheel Drive vehicle producers.

This long-range diesel engine can be credited as the toughest when it goes offroad and is quite famous throughout the transpacific and also transatlantic region. 

Even though there are a lot of the latest 4-wheels that have been produced. Yet, they remain the best off-road in the marketplace.

 In August 2004 the first Vigo Hilux model is being introduced to off-road life, it was the first generation of Vigo Hilux, in its seventh major generation. 

And was successfully launched by Toyota to be in the market and also driven on the road as well.

 Comes with a large interior space, comfortable driving navigation, improved convenience, and a comfortable ride for the passenger. 

Toyota also invented five new models on a single protocol to be distributed to their customers around the world.

 The Toyota Hilux Double Cab 2.8 Rogue AT 4x4 is more attractive with its facelift model at a more affordable price and is successed being released on 2021 and UMWT is offering the Rogue for RM144,880.

The Hilux Rugged X will be altered with a “new apex off-road variant” but they didn't submit its details yet.

 For the onset, the Rogue’s track has been expanded by roughly 140 mm in the front and rear, while the vehicle’s height has also been expanded by approximately 20 mm.

To adjust the wider track on the Rogue, the Hilux’s front suspension arm and front stabilizer bar length have been improved, with its shock absorber angle also adjusted for superior abilities.

 The Hilux in Rogue aspect also gets a rear stabilizer bar for the first time to enhance cornering stability ability, and ride consolation. 

This suspension alters contribute to a 20% advancement in roll rigidity as well as better steering controls when cornering and changing paths.

 Change your Hilux to the Toyota Hilux AT Rogue 4x4 today and be patient to wait for the latest models in the next coming new year 2023. Keep your interest with the best offroad 4X4 Toyota Hilux. 

 For more information or specific details go to this link or follow the Toyota Facebook page below.


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