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Love Is A Game Where Two Players Won At Once

Can LOVE be a cure? Yes, but it ends with regret. Because if love comes first you might fail with it someday and open the possibility that can lead to a breakup, that is how regret will occur. You can get abused when it gets too much love too.

It is better to have a friendship in the first place before getting into a serious relationship to let it takes its role. Don’t rush in build up anything you want.

 Just to have something. People rush because they may have an appointment or they are in a condition with a running stomach. So, don’t rush.

Bear in mind that you can be everything you need if you take your time. Build yourself, invent protection, understand your emotion and recover from your past.

 And you will find that the best relationship comes from yourself. Naturally, people are getting attracted to the beauty of a person rather than aiming for a good heart person.

We can not judge them about who they want or choose to be. They have their right.

However, some people look good not because they try to seduce or seek attention from someone, it is because they take good care of themselves, and that is why they look attractive.

Just because she/he is beautiful and polite to you, it doesn’t mean they are interested in you. It means they were raised and rebuilt from history.

 They know how to deal with their reality. In another situation, their appearances are based on what they are heading to at some certain time.

A lovely person is easy to find but good heart person is difficult to find. To have the right person you don’t need to search for them but they will come to you.

 Just have patience and never lose hope .. they said, hope ends when you stop believing. Life ends when you stop dreaming.

Love ends when you stop crying. The relationship ends when you stop caring and sharing.

 Whenever the relationship is invented, take care of it and keep it. A person who shares love with whoever they consider special and loves them without condition will promise to be the happiest person.

 The reason why the relationship doesn't last anymore is that nowadays couples can talk or see each other easily on the phone or further they can make a video call to see each other.
Sad to know, not many of us fight for true love, but they form real love with others, she lying with you to laying with me or others.

Some find it easy to replace those in need of love with those who want to make love with, then, the show on and so on.

 It's not easy to find a good woman or man these days, almost everyone is just searching for a relationship without obligation and doesn't dream of possessing a home and a family.

Respect your wife or husband, respect your spouse, don't misconstrue them, and never set your relationship to a spot. 

Love is one of the most drastic emotional experiences that we have because love requires fulfilling with love and being loved, which is more complicated when it comes to learning about how deep the lover feels for their partner.

 Rather than dealing with yourself, you need to deal with your emotions.

once you fall in love, you wish your partner to be happy, being part of their enjoyment, love also can inspire you to achieve some of the most wonderful deeds, that you'll ever attempt. 

If both lovers are in their right agreement,
being in love is one thing, to love is another thing, but being in love and love in return make it everything."-Keithjallong-

The magnificence of research should begin in the soul and end up matching the attitude. 

 If the women take care of their men, then the man or husband shall take care of the wife, you should know that what is past to some lasts to others.

Where the imperfection is found is why the perfection stays. If they see another one look good, they must understand that other people see them as similar to their partner in the same way.

Be with someone who spent time and speaks good words to you even if they are in a mad situation.

 Love is a priority thing in all relationships, there is a quote that says
I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.–Cassandra Clare-.
Some count love by the number of stars at night, others say love is a cure and some explain it by the words ‘forever.'

Truly, love is measured in your actions. It can happen unexpectedly without any reason in any season.

We’re dwelling in a moment when people are actively proposing careers they’re passionate about. 

In the past days, women were required to stay at home to become chefs, clean, and look after the kids while the husband was the employee.

 But in the modern relationship, partners help each other in whatever they want to do but within one purpose.

If things get difficult, one of you messes up, or you’re both going through a difficult period to keep things commence on, the love still stays there. 

Sometimes you get into a disagreement it does not mean you didn't love each other.

 There is a need not to compare if someone wants you. Word says
Love is a game where two players won at once.-Keithjallong-
The person you're meant to be with, never heading any way but they are on their way to your way, do things the way you do, and love will come right away.

Modern soul mates should often aspire to love each other completely. 

The aim is to stimulate each other to perform what makes the other glad so you can leave happy together. 

This means favoring each other in the thick and thin, good times and bad.

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