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We Live Once, But If We Live It Right, Once Is Adequate.

  Life has told me that silence speaks once and exists once but not alone. It allows me to listen to those who I haven't known, and warn me that hate comes within it without words. It allows me to hear what is loud, leads me to where I should be, and I won't be where I shouldn’t be, here I am where I must be, where I can be.

 When someone is silent, let others follow the truth blindly. Remember, scary ghosts are what's sound in the minds but spoke not.

If no tune means there is nothing but sometimes tunes do emerge but it is none of our business. Once we followed what the soul says we are being assassinated.

Everything is permitted but still limited if it is not permitted.-Steincher William-
 What's spokes not, produce what's provides not, which is proceeds not to what is probably not. We run what words sound to serve what's assigned, we are the ones who are the Assassin. Being an army of our own, we don't know the way but are aided by the sound surrounding us.

 Letting one eagle alive the fish never is safe, because the vicinities boundary that divides life and death is the reason, to makes a living is the best choice for one each of us.

Which shall promise where to end and where to begin is under one obligation. Those who love you will be hunted by love, but those who hurt you won't have any path to escape their karma.

 Reflection, between life and death, we love life but we hate death.
Life is a beautiful liar where to survive is to cheat what death is, while death is the truth but it was the ugliest truth of all truth.-Keithjallong-

 For sure, each one of us has planted a seed where evil and goodness are in a battle to win, but one can not exist without one another.

Stay away from the blade's words, they going to cut your innocent heart in the obscure sight together with the tunes of bitterness.

 Realize it, while evil's vows are voices in beautiful verbs the good words are pronounced out loud, naked with the proof of pride, no matter where the sound of scars may hear.

 Keep quiet in the background, watch and listen then choose your battle wisely, but once you decide on one, attempting to win is prioritized because life is temporary, live without being sorry to leave your history.

The succession of lessons to be learned is when it comes to a complicated situation, a small alter invents a massive difference.
Where the circumstances of flow time impose things on us that we can’t control, we still have options as the solution. What to work out is never easy, but obligation shall be met.

 The two most important things in our life are the time we wasted and the moment we realized why we are wasting, that is why we don't live forever, we are going to waste a lot of time and never understand how to become a person.

Because of that, life is so goddam short. We can not quote it, or disagree with it, but only determine it correctly. Word says
" We live once, but if we live it right, once is adequate."
 Time is a prison that you can escape never, the way to redeem your past is to create it now to be memorized later. No, we can't run from its way, we only can run by it to understand it and use it as a basis to grow to tomorrow.

Our life has no rehearsal, it one-time offer and the objective is to do what we were ordered. What we desire for living is what is required.

 Remember, our time is limited but still permitted to do what you are subjected to, just don't waste it to figure out what has gone, only use it as instances.
If the old life has no way, the new life is the way, because if there is no way of life, the way is to live life.

 After all, that is the best way of all ways. Life is tricky for the wise, confusing for the learner, a game for the fool, and a tragedy for the unlucky.

 You maybe are the craziest one, but the lines where you are crazy didn't affect anyone, there are no laws against stupidity unless your craziness goes cut other or hurt them physically but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be punished.

 Rejection is similar to smelling a fart, which is rude because you are not a buffalo in the mud, but that is considered the punishment. Change your attitude, not the effort substitute, change your perspective but never your objective. For the past progression, the present is the end.

 Being progressive to make things done, is in the progress of the right craziness because nothing succeeds if there is no action exceeds. The weakness in you is what going to manipulate your further plan.

 You must recognize that everything in your plan or what you think concerns you. Those who are experts usually face this situation.

 We normally feel scared over our execution, because why we are being assigned to do it means it is beyond others' capabilities. Bear in mind that you are crazy enough to do it, by the way. If the eggs can hatch because of the warmth, then flying high as a bird means nothing can prove you never do, once you improve you are the proof.

 Henry Ford says

The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what one's destiny is to do, then do it.
What divided the craziness and discretion are calculated when it comes to a successful conclusion.

 Constantly doing things that scare you every day makes you aware of what you can do, even though the butterfly has sensitive and thin wings, they still fly through the bush and perch on the roses which have their thorns. Word says, 

What terrifies will inspire you to acquire what you desire.


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