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Kelabit's Land

 Sarawak is an earthly state which is located on Borneo Island and has varied languages, religions, customs, and traditions. Even though our traditional culture is customized in with animal feathers, it doesn't mean you are in the Zoo. Trust me, you are in Borneo.

One of the peaceful places in Borneo is the Kelabit Highland, BARIO.

Bario is one of the small towns that mainly became the producer of the local rice "Bera Adan" in Malaysia, and to the whole world as well. 

Getting to Bario needs some navigation it's either by twin rotator Malaysia Airlines or, by the Timber Road, which we call "Jalan Balak". 

 This is the reason why Bario is quite famous among the Sarawakian community.

In the area of Bario, we have 12 villages that are located in the vicinity of the Bario small town, the nearest village to the small town, the villager can reach the town on foot, and the farthest can reach it by 4x4 vehicle.

  • The view in the picture is only part of the BARIO village area.

The Kelabit peoples celebrate food festivals from July 25 to July 27 every year, which is what they call "Pesta Nukenen".

Bario is where a lot of the smart and idiots were born. One of them was me (Keithjallong) the idiot, and the smart one is you but we are equivalent.

 We make succeed and celebrate the "Pesta Nukenen" every year, it was the perfect moment to enjoy the taste of various delicious traditional foods and explore the beauty and uniqueness of several domestic tourist destinations.

The excellent food can't be found in many other places in the world, but only in Bario. Pineapples, strawberries, and local apples are also grown here. 

It was surely a wonderful adventure and an interesting experience to go and celebrate the 3-day festival.

 The "Pesta Nukenen" festival celebration brings happiness and joy to all. This is the occasion that creates a gathering, where all the family members, relatives, friends, and loved ones can meet and share their happiness.

For me, Bario is a meaningful place because it is part of where I was growing up and it is part of my childhood.

Here in Bario we also have the primary school and the secondary school and some government offices, and the police station is near the old airport. 

 When looking into the forest, it is such a beautiful view, and it's admirable to see from my bedroom window the beauty of the mountains.

Everything which is habitat in the mountains is unique and amazing, it's whether you wanted the enjoyment or the beauty of the mountain, you had to discover the exploration by yourself.

Ensure that when you come to Bario never miss your chance to go jungle trekking because only exploring with your eyes not satisfying yet, you must experience the voyage deep into the quiet place of the jungle.

Deep into the forest, you may find a variety of beautiful wildflowers, birds, and wild animals which you have never seen before, but no tiger has ever been found yet in Bario, only Bears.

 When the wind blows, from a far distance you can smell the fragrance of the wildflowers and the "taik kerubau"(just kidding).

 I guess these types of places are meaningful for tourism because in Bario everything is natural and we can be there alone, away from our everyday life.

Do not hesitate to come to visit Bario, It was everybody's place, where anybody can rest, no one owned the hill but everything you desire will happen if you will, and it was a beautiful place that everybody dreamed of many times.

A place that you can visit in Bario:
  • Batu Patung
  • Batu Ritung
  • Pa'a Main
  • Kelabit Longhouses
  • Thick Forest

 To reach those places you can easily find our local tour guide who is staying in the Bario small town. My uncle and some of my relatives can be one of them if they are in their spare time. 

Two of the logging house belong to my uncle(Munney Bala & Shep Bala) where you can stay for the trip to Bario. They are mainly staying in Bario. 

I think that's all I can describe about Bario, which is also known as "Kelabit Highland".

"Welcome to Bario."


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