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Believe It Or Not!

Hi, believe it or not, here are something you need to know about, it's very rarely happened but it has been known to happen. Some of it may have been closely identified because it may be based on what has been written in its very first place to be a reference.

But when it comes to believe it or not, it can be a fun thing to know again and again, even though you already knew it before.

 If you stop to know all the fun facts and then start to know them again it may not be that entertaining but just keep on going to know about it and you'll be caught up in it fun part.

No problem if you know more, come let read this "Believe it or not". Well, let's skip to the best part of it to be more clear about it.

Here are some fun and amazing facts that will mesmerize and surprise you at the same time!

1. Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

Believe it or not! If you look at the picture of the Mona Lisa, do you ever realize that her eyebrows didn't exist? and her eyebrows have become a matter of debate.

 Yes, her eyebrows were drawn at first by Da Vinci and they faded over time then are no longer visible today. Her name is actually (Lisa Gherardini). Mona Lisa in Italian is "My Lady Lisa".

A man committed suicide by throwing himself out the window and another shot himself because of loving her. Which means she has broken a lot of hearts.

2. Planet Pluto's first birthday is on 23.03.2178

Believe it or not! Planet Pluto's full orbital with the sun took 248 Earth years to have a complete rotation. It was discovered on February 18th, 1930 and it is the farthest planet from the sun.

 Pluto is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt, it was named after the Roman God Of Death and the Underworld. It is surrounded by 5 moons which are called  1. Charon  2. Nix  3. Hydra  4. Kerberos  5. Styx.

 Pluto's first birthday since its discovery is on Monday, 23 March 2178 according to Earth Calendar.

3. The eight Buddha statues are the biggest in the world.

Believe it or not! Buddha wasn’t as chubby as they look in the statues, their appearance is for the depiction as a symbol of happiness in the east. Buddha taught more about a good diet in their lesson. 

They spend more time walking hundreds of miles and practicing weeks of fasting. Is believed Buddha's birth has been prophesied by an old wise man and his birth can change the world and then becomes the great King.

 Buddha was a simple teacher, not a God, and his lesson was spread by the non-violent method. He passed away at the age of 80 but he managed to give us some great lessons as he said  "All components things in the world are changeable, they are not lasting. Work hard to gain your salvation."-Buddha.

4. There is no "A" letter in numbers spelling

Believe it or not! "A" is the first letter in our alphabet and "Z" is the last letter. Do you ever notice that "A" are absent in the numbers spell? "A" only appears in "Thousand" which means from "One" to "Nine Hundred and Ninety-nine" there is no letter "A" in their spelling name.

 There’s no "A" in the numbers one through nineteen. Nor is there an "A" in any multiple of ten (twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred), and there you have it, those are all the words you need to spell the first 999 numbers on the number line.

 Not a single one contains an "A" but, once you get to 1,000, it makes an appearance of one thousand. The number 0 is the only contains letter"Z" but it was the first letter. (ZERO)

(One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, hundred, "ThousAnd")

5. Snakes can predict Earthquake

Believe it or not! Snakes are among the deadliest predators and the second largest group of reptiles, not all snakes lay eggs. Snakes living in especially colder climates have live births because the eggs wouldn’t survive outside.

 They don't have eyelids, which means they don’t blink, they sleep with their eyes wide open. They smell with their tongue and by using their Jacobson’s organ on the roof of their mouth. Their tongue is forked and multiple receptors can pick up different amounts of the chemical source.

 They swallow the whole of their food because they can’t chew. Snakes are "Solar Powered" and rely fully on external heat or light sources. Snakes also can predict the earthquake, they can sense an earthquake up to 120 kilometers away and three to five days before it occurs.

 These interesting facts about "Believe it or not" coat a broad range of topics, where we can assure you for sure to find at least a few fun facts about "Believe it or not" to be kept as a reference, whether you are looking for some icebreaker topic for your first date or you have an upcoming party you want to ready for. 

Regardless of the circumstance at hand, these random facts of "Believe it or not" will come in useful whenever you are looking to say something interesting, which surely leads to an entertaining discussion. Stay tuned with us for more "Believe it or not" Thanks for your time to read.


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