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Did You Know?

Hi, here once again the "Did you know" the fact is back in line presenting an interesting fact you may learn and share with others on another day. 

These interesting facts may wrap up a bit about a wide range of fact topics, but you can find at least a few fun facts here. However, if the situation is at its point it may give you what you wanted to know. 

 These random facts will come in handy whenever you try to search to say something interesting, and it will necessarily lead to an entertaining conversation. 

While this may seem like an old-formed way, it is not wasted if we start saying some " Did you know". Let's shft the conversation.

1. Lucifer is not Satan

Did you know? Lucifer is not Satan and he never being an angel, Lucifer is coincidently invented by Jerome because he mistranslated the Hebrew word into Latin via Greek.

The specific person who owns the name of Lucifer is the King of Babylon(Nebuchadnezzar II) in Isaiah 14:4 -14:12.

But we comprehend that Satan is Lucifer, the Bible also doesn't tell us that Satan is Lucifer. Satan is a title, a Hebrew word that means resister or adversary. (Job chapters 1 and 2).

2. Human teeth cannot heal themselves.

Did you know? Humans were born with 20 primary teeth but we may lose them eventually, that is why it is important for your child’s future oral health that their baby teeth stay in place as long as possible. 

The first tooth emerged at the age of 6-12 months and we have 32 permanent teeth, it's the hardest element in our body. 

The reason our teeth cannot heal themselves is that they are coated in the enamel which is not living tissue.

3. More sugar in lemon than in strawberries.

Did you know? despite how sour lemons are, they contain more sugar than strawberries. Lemon produces up to 600lbs of lemons every year. 

In California in 1849, during the Gold Rush, miners were willing to pay much money for a single lemon because it provides rich in vitamin C, and due to its highly acidic nature, the juice of a lemon can be used for cleaning. Nowadays California is full of lemon trees as a result.

4. The moon.

Did you know? The distance between the moon and earth is 385000km and the moon took 27.3 days to travel around the earth to make it to full orbit. 

The moon can be super hot and super cool because of its travel position, and its gravitational force is stronger than Venus.

Australia is wide than the moon which is from the west to the east, Australia is 4000km and the moon sits at 3400km. Known that the moon also has a moonquake.

5. The heart of a shrimp is located in its head.

Did you know? Actually, the shrimp are born as a male and then transform into females as they mature. Shrimp has over 128 species, they can live as long as six years, while some only can live about a year because of being victimized. 

Shrimp also have 16 different levels of life found in the shrimp from their egg to full adult. 

They also equipped a pistol that can deliver an explosive attack, it's hotter than the surface of the sun and loud enough to destroy our huge eardrum. The shrimp hearts are located in their head.

6. Google images were successfully invented in the year 2000.

Did you know? After Jennifer Lopez wore her infamous dress at the 2000 Grammy, lots of people were searching for her outfit, then the Google search engine added an imagine function to their website and on the other side the actual name for the hashtag( # ) symbol is "octothorpe"

The 'octo' refers to the 8 points in the symbol, but based on the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the 'Thorpe' part is a mystery.

7. The Apple's leaf icon is from the bitten area.

Did you know? The very first birth of the new looks apple logo took place in 1998 by Job after he rejoins the Apple Computer company. 

He changes the rainbow colors on the apple's logo into a new translucent blue logo and the bitten section becomes the leaf of the apple, some said that the word "byte" is "bite" which is inspired by the forbidden apple bitten by Adam and Eve.

8. Trees also communicate.

Did you know? As we do talk to each other the trees also do. Trees talk, they talk via their roots which are connected in the underground network of fungi, named “Wood Wide Web,” which enables them to transfer resources rents through the fungi. 

For example, the oldest and strongest tree, better call it "mother tree" in the jungle, will share some of her sugar with the smaller trees nearby. The look or the type of the tree tells what kind of plant they are, that is how they communicate.

9. The chilis can cause you to choke or suffocate.

Did you know? Chilis are one of some people's favorite, they only get
appetite with it. If the chilis are finely blended it may doesn't causes you anything, only spicy.

But if it slices and still has its curves, be careful, it can be stuck in your upper esophageal which leads you to a spicy breathing condition that is considered hazardous. Ensure to chew the chili properly before swallowing it.

10. Princess Diana won the race on Mother's Day.

Did you know? Princess Diana was once a nanny and a teacher before she became a princess, she was paid $5 an hour to play with children, do laundry, and clean, then she met Prince Charles, and she was the first royal bride to have a paying job. 

The day she violated royal rules for her son William, she participated in the Mother's Day race at her son's school, and she won for him.

11. The longest Novel without the letter "e".

Did you know? There is a book back in 1939 published by the American author Ernest Vincent Wright, a book titled "Gadsby". 

The novel comes to 50,000 words without any letter "e". What's further, it's not the only novel that discarded the letter "e". In 1969, Author Georges Perec, in the French language also wrote the book "La Disparition" without the letter "e". 

That's even more amazing when you assume that "e'' is the most commonly applied code letter in the English and French languages.

But in 2022, Malaysian author, Keithjallong wrote a sentence with the first letter beginning with the letter "e" in "Dwell in freedom but can not flee" in his blog at MMC SITE


Did you know why the caterpillar ate and destroy the leaves? Because they are thirsty, they did not drink water as other insects or animals do and they might drown in the water.

 Rather than get drowning to have their share of water, they eat more leaves, since the leaves contain water to quench their thirst.


Did you know the oldest tortoise in the world is given the name JONATHAN? Jonathan was born in 1832, Jonathan was given to Sir William Grey-Wilson the governor of S.t Helena in 1882 as a gift. 

He is 190 years old this year and he is also the oldest reptile ever living according to Guinness World Record.


Did you know that Frank Epperson is the first person who invented the Popsicle in 1905 by accident? The 11-year-old boy left soda powder and water outside overnight with its wooden stirrer still in the cup and left frozen in the chilly weather, so the Popsicle existed.

The birth of ice cream can be said to have begun in at least the 4th century B.C. Early in AD 37- 68, the Roman Emperor Nero ordered ice to be mixed with fruit topping then ice cream evolved until today and, we just know how to eat ice cream.


Did you know why people didn't smile in an old photo? It is because they doubted the attainment quality of the picture and whether it is successful or not.

If we go far back there, to take a photo shot is like forever, and the first photo selfie was taken by  Robert Cornelius in 1839.


Did you know that mosquitoes are the most deadly thing on earth? They kill 725000 people a year. The mosquito life is not longer than 36 hours. The mosquito has 3500 species members in its flies group of families. 

The female mosquito only bites to reproduce, the females will lay eggs up to three times before they die. Know that the protein in our blood helps the mosquito eggs to develop.


Did you know the blue whale is the biggest living thing on the earth, with a weight of up to 200 tons and a length of up to 95 feet long, this massive animal has a huge heart, and the heart weighs about 1,300 pounds.? 

The blue whale's heart beats so powerfully, that you can hear it from two miles distance away. But we might not realize it because their heart only beats eight to 10 times per minute.


Did you know the birds never can chew their food because they don't have any teeth, they only peck their prey and swallow the whole thing? 

The bird esophagus is wide enough to swallow large meals then they rely on gravity to push the food down the esophagus and then later be pushed into their stomach.


Did you know an ant is the most daring insect in the world, they even can climb to the highest peak and are never scared of falling from high?

Ants are little and light, they move and work in a battalion, the easiest way to know an ant around is in the sugar because they usually died in there.


Did you know a pig is a very clean animal, if you only know that pig habit is wallowing in mud, that is a misconception, they do that to cool down their body, When you look at where they sleep and eat, they never soil their place?

The that they lack is they just couldn't bend to look up, because their body is designed to prioritize finding food on the ground.

And pigs are intelligent, they can play complex games, use tools, recognize their name, and learn commands and tricks, even smarter than a dog.


Did you know what is the hardest thing to do? even though how hard you try but you will always fail to do it. 

And it either happens during you are alone or with somebody, it will fail you. The answer is to learn how to FORGET. We may forget the feeling but the memory never is.


Cats can not taste honey because they lack the receptors to taste it. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-septic benefits that are so effective.

This miraculous product doesn't get spoiled unless you spoiled it. Honey is also used in medical treatment for treating illness and wounds in the past.

To make the honey crystalize keep it in a dry cool place, and there you have it!!

Some of these  "Did you know" may be false to you but believe it happens in daily life or the past. The reason why we can not present it as our thoughts is we give space for others with their fact.

We are not fixed on what is accurately 100% right, but, to have the interest of readers to read our facts, maybe nothing is shocking, but we bet that you'll remember them. 

Thanks for reading. Follow us on the page for more "Did You Know".

If you are one of those who doesn’t scare easily and loves to know or explore places that have some sort of weird prominence, this piece is for you.

I'm taking you to some spooky place just to know their horrific tales, I bet you, do have a brave heart to explore the globe's horrifying place, to see what happens with foreign beings on foreign land. It is spooky!!

1. A Haunted River Bank In Long Lamai, Sarawak.

The story goes in 1985, in a remote place far in the middle of the wilderness, Long Lamai, the Penan village. The appearance of mystical sound at the river bank during night time. The voice sounds like a woman crying calling someone known as "Muun", the villager calls the woman "Metat Awa". 

According to Kenyo Moon(villager), someone once sights Metat Awa(ghost) sitting under a large tree at the river bank. Some people also heard the sound of somebody drowning in the water during night time but if you go there to investigate who that was, there is nobody there.

2. Santubong Haunted Resort

The Sarawakian must be familiar with various haunted places in Sarawak. One of them is a resort in Santubong, Kuching. Based on a tale from someone, sometimes you may sight a shadowy image out the window and someone is knocking at the door but not using a bell.

Other than that, a story also said that somebody saw a mythical creature scaring the wits out of them, and that thing was to be believed to have climbed up the coconut tree during nighttime.

3. Haunted University

 In the year of 1949, Nagasaki University was built, but its medical school stood as early as 1857 before the war began which lead to the 1945 atomic bomb tragedy.

The horrifying ghosts exist because of the atomic bomb incident, more than 800 students, professors, and medical staff have gone through or seen the hair-raising paranormal experiences situation including the smell of burning flesh and horrific screams that can be heard within the campus when the season for the ghost to do so.

4. Ghost Ship Of The Arctic

A steel-hulled steamer, the Baychimo operated in the Canadian Arctic until October 1931 the day it was trapped in ice. The crew didn't want to leave all the fur that the ship was bringing, so they built a wooden structure next to it on the ice and waited.

 After several days of waiting the ship was still stuck, one night they went to sleep, and the next morning when they woke up, the ship was gone. They thought it had sunk, but an Inuit seal hunter convinced them that he saw the ship drifting nearby and he was right.

 It continued to drift and was known as the "Ghost Ship of the Arctic". It was last seen off the coast of Point Barrow, Alaska, in 1969.

5. Tangaraku Forgotten Highway.

Because of the viral reports of ghosts in the town have given this place nickname 'Ghost Town'. You will find an isolated and more or less abandoned settlement on the North Island section of the Forgotten World Highway. 

In the days of railways and tunnel construction, 1,300 people lived in Tangarakau, New Zealand. Surely, with their hazardous careers happen lots of unfortunate accidents. Therefore, that is why this NZ town is deemed the most haunted place in the country. 

6. Fabled Prison West Virginia 

If the place is famous their ghost story is also popular, this incurred in West Virginia. With its amazing stone façade and Gothic looks architecture, this fabled prison kept some history of the most violent criminals between 1876 - 1995.

But in the early 1930s, it boarded an amount of 2,400 prisoners (85 were hung, 9 were electrocuted, and some died from murder, deplorable torture, and suicide. Here in this prison also occurred the bloody New Year’s Day riot in 1986 history, the chapel, circular entrance gate, and the recreation room(Sugar Shack) where some people spot the paranormal event happening repeatedly.

7. Isla de las Munecas, Mexico.

In A small island surrounded by the Xochimico canal located south of Mexico City that was never expected as one of the tourist enticement, the island is devoted to a young girl who died there in a mysterious circumstances.

Why is it a frightening place to visit is, because it is known as the Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls), and its spooky side was, that it becomes the home to hundreds of decapitated dolls. The doll was placed or hung in every corner, according to the guardian who is staying on that island, the reason why the doll was hung is to respect the girl who drowned in the canal.

 Over the years the doll is hung more and more dolls to delight the little girl's spirit. Locals said some people see possessed dolls moving their heads, opening their eyes, and even whispering to each other, But now the island become one of the creepiest attractions in Mexico.

8. Old Miri General Hospital

This hospital is located in Kg. Pulau Melayu area. Built by the Dutch oil company (Shell) with financial assistance from the government until it hands over to Sarawak Government in 1960. Some accounts claimed that somebody once came across 7 shadowy images which are vague faces. 

This vague face is believed to be the long-gone nurse who once served in this old general hospital.

 Because it difficult route to get to this hospital(Ferry Transfer) lot of patients didn't manage to make it, some of them died on their way on the ferry and only their dead bodies reached the hospital.

 Hopefully, the story is spooky enough. Whether it is true or a mere tale, nobody can verify for sure.

 But with numerous reports of paranormal events coming from these places, you are already aware of what sort of ghost stories are theirs,  if you have experienced any spooky stories, please let us know. Spooky!!

By: Holcher Lian


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