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Bully Is Hassling Children's Life.

Bullying is a major issue that affects many children. Most bullied youth admit that they have been bullied since their first day at school. Bullies have many sorts, they may occur as teasing or jealousy but more to monopolize (Conquer).

 Being bullied can make young people feel unsafe, and the pressure to deal with it makes them feel unhappy. What's sad is that the bully's attitude makes the kids not in the mood to play with their friends when the bully is around. It's hard to keep your mind on schoolwork if you're worried about how you're going to meet and deal with bullies during the school day.

Bullying is difficult for everyone not only those who face it but for the parents instead. Bullying can make a school place filled with fear which can become a violent station for children and can also be stressful for everyone.

 Although bullying is something that is sometimes acknowledged as a part of growing up or playing a child, imagine if you were a child who was singled out as one of the victims of everyday bullies, be it physical, mental, or through cyberbullying. All these types of situations can trigger anyone to do something they never thought would happen to them before.

 Many children dare to commit suicide because they cannot deal with this bullying attitude, seriously they interfere with life. Bullying is a form of persistent violent behavior among senior youth, especially in the school life of teenagers they are usually the target victim, and their aggressive behavior occurs continuously over time because they intend to conquer.

To stop this increasingly aggressive bullying scenario, parents of bullied children should take the time to make a detailed investigation of the bullying problems their children are facing. Parents should go to meet and inform the school about bullying that their children do not like. Avoid direct contact with the bully or the bully's parents, as this can lead to unwanted situations, especially from the bully or both.

Dangerous for your child, that's the difference between a bully and the bullied victim, often bully parents are as aggressive as their children. conflict will probably occur, and fights will start between both sides the parents. Therefore, to end this tradition, please research your children's development with the help of a trusted person or the counseling teacher who is on duty at your child's school.

 Investigate why bullying and victimization happen. The study can be divided into four categories, the first category is to determine why bullying occurs, and the second is to find out who is the bully to study their prevalence. Third is to understand the aggressiveness of the torturer to understand the motive of their behavior, and last but not least is to get information about the behavior of the bully.

 Returning to the unluckiness of the child or victimized person, review or research the risk that they experience and try to eliminate the factors that put them into a worse consequence of maltreatment. After reviewing the conditions or situation of the child, ensure that they may not be the beginner of the motive that happens to them.

In some cases, child abuse exists because some put others down at first then the thing came contrary. It is similar to the "Invention systemize their design" because the tormentors are dressing in the direction of the victim's former attitude.

 Whereas tyrants of bullying victimized have been mastered by the poor person after that. The worse involvement in bullying is a physical activity that brings sickness or pain to the victim, the greater this problem happened the more difficult to settle with it physically because lots of repeated incidents have been seen and are being studied in various complaints.

The culture or understanding of bullying does happen all over the world. But if you want to say that it is a normal matter, it has already become a "Matter". The assertion of the word "Matter" has created a problem matter. So terminating the behavior of bullies matters, no matter in what department or group of life you are in, just don't, bully harass people's life.


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