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What Was Written For You Is The Best Return From Me

 Keithjallong was born on June 1982. Worked as Scaffolding Inspector and become Author  in his spare time but he doesn't have any spare time now to write a new article.

He likes to write and read inspirational and motivational quotes to gain more knowledge and be motivated, he is still a single and good-looking guy. His colleagues call him "Abang Long" The only mistake is his nose like the idung ilibau(Buffalo Nose)

  If you understand the shadows becoming brighter in the light means you are already experienced and mature towards what are you subjected to. 
Every vision should get attention, no mission without aspiration, and no direction without inspiration.-Keithjallong-
 Focus on the upcoming circumstances, if things never give you any choices, your chance to decide is there, the determination usually has space in all conditions. Don't rush, take your time, nothing to be rushed unless it gives you a deadline to archive it, but in that case, preparation is important. So, always be ready.

We are in the process of revolution and we are the legacy of the evolution progress. Questions shall be asked if there is, every bite towards success is a taste of bitter, shall be. Where to begin never comes less, and where to end never is easy. Expect the best in each opportunity because if you fail, it makes you intelligent.

  Life has a lot to be understood to go on with, under any conditions we must make it to the very valuable growth,
less attention will lead to loss of direction and limited commitment gain less attainment.-Keithjallong-
Wisdom is found when a massive challenge is going to change our life in different areas because wisdom is made for those who dare to lose, not for those who fear failure.

Push thru the heat of your dream to reach greatness even though it took a long term to get there. Stay focused and determine yourself it is not that far. Some said
If you want to go further, go with a partner, but if you want to go fast, preparation comes first.-Keithjallong-
 Do not decide to be extraordinary but make your accomplishments extraordinary. Smart people study everything, do impossible things, experience what they think, and respond to anything to achieve something. 

Things are never accomplished suddenly unless you quit suddenly, just keep your effort consistently until you reach your goal completely.
Everything is a duty, you seek it, it's a mystery, you found it, it's a victory, you keep it, it becomes history.-Keithjallong-
If we exist to learn, we'll exist with wisdom, but if we want to exist eternally, we'll never exist.-Keithjallong-

There's no reason to compare, create your way, It's now or never, you ain't going to live forever. A dreamer evaluates their deed as a tricky puzzle but in the end, they become the examiner to seek answers. Whether it's success or failure it was theirs to resolve or begin again. Word says
Live in a realistic, not dramatic, addict to what's fantastic, stick to what was logical, and be static against what's unrealistic.-Keithjallong-

By the way, what was written for you is the best return from me, the matter is in my name but for better, it is just a game. Do recall yourself because life goes against one point, which is to live but provides two choices, the worse teaches you, and the best tease you.

 Remember those who with all of their ups and downsize less in the journey of life, the one that is not easily summed up, in other words, lack of experience. But lucky enough to have their advantage, they used their power to put down others as they like to and do what they wanted to.

 I want you to know something, there are hidden risks in every role, the hidden reason that you never realized on your part. To know your fabulous roles walk into the life of it, and find who has found a way to be it, runs the title of what it is, achieves the best of it, and keeps the rights implemented of what if. 

You will find the beauty that reflects which lack and which means the most, including an incredible perspective that will encourage you to find the beauty in life's most mundane moments. 

 Reflection, everything is true, only some answers are inexact, begin from the mind to the mouth then incur as actuation, it is all occurrence. Because, what's being vocalized leads the mouth, and the ears heed the mouth, then the mind memorizes to realize what has been vocalized to let it actualize the lies.

 To experience things, explore everything, to achieve things, no time is wasted. A great deal comes with great heals, and no shield provides ill, what's healed never kills.
 Maybe a problem usually existed, then we have to acquires ways to exit, nothing is ever stays implicit. Remember that!

To end all that it's all about "I have nothing much in this life, not like others who have everything, but I'm just doing fine because I do things that I love to do. 

You know something, this life is just like I'm still sleeping which is I spend my life full of dreams where to act is the hardest thing because I feel like laying, but I know someday I'll wake up and find myself is at where I should be, doing the thing that at first I miss to do so much but in the ends, it gets boring, like usual. I know you know what I mean, we all have been through such kinds of life experiences. 

 Never mind, because the day you wake up is the day you rise to what you want the most, and there won’t be any more time to do the things you hate but to do things you’ve always wanted. Trust in what you do with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do by the way. 

Before that always remember that you'll do what is necessary today to get it more simple for tomorrow or ready for the accomplishments. Words say,
To quit is dangerous, to proceed is risky but if you never take the risk, you'll be sorry the whole of yolifelif Promisese always does.
For my beautiful girlfriend here is what I always wanted to say but didn't have a chance to say to you for some time. Now here is it "If my presence now will only bring sadness to you, then I hope you are happy with the option of your heart. I may pretend to hate you, but not forget you. Even though you are far from my sight, I am still loyal to you.

 If you and I are destined to be together, even if there is a distance, we'll be together without any conditions.  Whatever will happen, there are still 1001 questions. So whatever happens tonight, we'll go back to our bed right, I want to sleep tight because I have to work tomorrow then let's do it without sorrow." 

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